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What To Wear For Your Photo Session

What To Wear For Your Photo Session

The best and worst thing about having a photography session is figuring out what to wear.  All of those “rules” you have heard in the past about what not to wear come flying into your head.  You have all heard your mother telling you NOT to wear any prints.  Well, actually it is alright to wear prints.  It may even add some interest to your portrait.  What you don’t want is everyone wearing different prints that do not look well together or that bring the focus of the portrait to the clothes and away from your faces.

Picking out clothes is the worst if you don’t know where to start!  It is the best when you figure it all out and you feel confident about how you look in your pictures.  If you don’t like what you are wearing for your photo session it will show!  If your clothing and colors don’t coordinate then your pictures won’t be nearly as pleasing to look at.    Find something that represents your personal style but that also coordinates with what everyone else in the picture will be wearing.  Once you pick out some colors and styles then use this “What To Wear” Guide to help you all coordinate. You can also go to session planning for more information on how to pick outfits for the entire family.



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