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What To Wear For October

What To Wear For October

Here are some exciting new colors to try out for your fall family photography session! This shows great examples of how to coordinate your “outfits” without having every family member wearing the same color. The key for these fun outdoor sessions when the weather is getting a little cooler is to layer with sweaters, scarfs and boots. If you are not ready to wear coats and hats, these layers will keep you warm without losing the style that you want to see in your family portraits.

Add in some toasty blankets to sit on and wrap your family in. Top that with gathering leaves, running down paths in the grass and snuggling in close for a tight family picture and you will forget all about the fall air. A session with hot cocoa in mugs while huddled together under your favorite afghan that your great grandma made sounds good! I am thinking this may be something to try soon for a themed family session!

So, back to clothes! Something else to consider when getting your pictures taken in the fall is the tree colors. You will want to wear something that coordinates a little bit with the rust, red and yellow. Again, not matching, just complimenting colors. Any questions about your wardrobe? Email or call me. I love to help you with these things!

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