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Session Planning

Where Sessions Are Designed “Squarely Around You”

Once you have expressed interest in having me take pictures of you, your family or little ones then a short, convenient interview will be held at your home. I will want to meet all of your special people and get to know some things about you. What gets you excited as a family or as individuals is important. At your home interview we can also discuss clothes and I can get a feel for the style of your home. This will help in getting your prints to look like a piece of art that will complement your style.

Once you know what type of session you are interested in, we will set up a date. Since a lot of thought and planning will go into your session ahead of time, it is helpful to schedule sessions several weeks ahead.

No matter what type of session you choose, you can expect them to be layed back and, for the most part, candid. There will be just a few “set up” shots to get the family and individual portraits. The sessions are about everyone having fun, interacting and having an enjoyable time while I just happen to be there recording it all on “film”. I’m serious. Enjoyable. Your interests will be incorporated into the photo session. That is where the enjoyable part comes in.

Following your session, each of your images will be carefully crafted to bring out the best of each one. Your pictures will be hand delivered to your home where you will be able to view them during a complimentary viewing session.  Since you are in your home where your pictures will be displayed, it will make choosing sizes and prints easy. There are limitless ways to use your portraits to decorate your home and I can certainly help with that if needed. Your order will then be completed and delivered to you at your home.

Once you have decided on a session, a Pinterest board will be built for you on our Lane Squared Pinterest site. You can browse through our Pinterest site for ideas, props, styles and locations for your session. You also can find anything, anywhere online that interests you for your session. All of these can be pinned to your session board. You and Lane Squared will be the only two with access to your board unless you choose otherwise.

This creates a great visual picture as we plan your session together.

Deciding what to wear for a photo session can be stressful.  We are here to help you!  Since what you wear can really make a huge difference, we want to assist you with this along the way.  Once you have a wardrobe planned out, lay it out on your floor or bed, take a picture of it and send it to me!  I love to know what you are going to wear ahead of time so I can use colors and locations that compliment your wardrobe.

It is strongly recommended that you coordinate your wardrobe rather than having everyone matching.  What that means is to decorate your family like you would decorate your living room!  Pick a color palate and add some splashes of color here and there.  Pick 3 or 4 colors that look well together and start with that.  Each month on our blog there will be a “What To Wear” issue for that month and season.  This is a great example of what a coordinated wardrobe can look like.  Make it you and you’re all set!  Need some help with picking colors that work well together?  Our pinterest page has many different great color palettes to use when picking your wardrobe.  You can pin the color palette right to your pinterest session board!  Check out this website that gives you the complimentary colors to any color you pick.  (Select “triad” or “tetrad” to give you a color scheme of 3 or 4 colors.  You can adjust the brightness of the colors by clicking “adjust scheme”.)

Dressing in layers is something that photographs really well.  It also in style right now!  Here is link that will tell you how to layer clothing stylishly.  This works for both men and women.

Accessories like jewelry and scarfs, are definitely recommended.  They will really add interest to your pictures.

We will assist you throughout your ordering process in finding portraits that work well in your home. Proper sizing is SO important to ensure that you make an impact on your room in which the portrait is hung.  We can help with that.

If you are interested in having a professional interior decorator come to your home and assist you, let us know! She can do amazing things with your portraits to dramatically enhance or change the look of your room.

Your part in the ordering process is easy!  Walk around your home and write down the possible areas in which you would like to have pictures.  Do you have a large opening on the staircase wall?  Maybe in the hallway, mantle, or bedrooms?  Start thinking about possible uses for your pictures.  Are you hoping to give copies to grandparents?  Is there cards you would like to send out or an event coming up that you would like a slideshow for?  Having these two things ready will make your decisions simpler when it comes to choosing pictures and sizes!

Getting your pictures taken is about being with those who are important to you and having a visible memory of that time.  If everyone poses and smiles for the camera you and your loved ones are interacting with me, the photographer.  When you look at your pictures wouldn’t you rather see yourself interacting with each other?  That is what makes a great image that just makes you smile…and to do that you do what you love.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Write down some answers to the following questions.  Email me or call me with the answers and we will use this to plan a session that will have you and your spouse/child/family spending some good time together while I record it for you.

-What do you do together that’s become a routine part of your life (reading books in bed together at night, pancakes every Saturday, popcorn on Sunday nights)

-Something that you do every year as a family tradition (cutting down your Christmas tree, picking apples)

-Think of some important or really fun moments that you have had in the past (camping, how you met, favorite place to go…)

-What activities seem to bring everyone in together (watching movies, sports, road trips)

-What is unique to your family or is something that you are known for (making your own wine, family business, military family)

-Read “Brand Your Family” for more ideas or visit our pinterest page for LOTS of different ideas!

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