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Newborn Session With Little Emelyn

Newborn Session With Little Emelyn

Sweet little Emelyn is just seven days old when we took her pictures.  She was still very sleepy and wrinkly.  I think she had a right to be sleepy today as she had a very busy and active night.  She was just getting to know both of her parents a bit more.  Mom and dad were operating on somewhat of a slower gear.  Emelyn’s older brother, Grayson, seemed to be going at his usual gear of just over full speed.  :)  Mom feeds Emelyn and spends some time rocking her to sleep.  This gives me a chance to get a few pictures of mom with her baby girl.  Grayson stopped in a few times to see what his mom and sister were doing.  He gave his sister a quick kiss on the head and bounded back out of the room to go play with his daddy who he has all to himself for a while.

In the end, Emelyn’s busy night worked like a charm.  Once mom fed and snuggled her, she slept like a rock through all of her pictures.  As toasty as we had it in the room, I am surprised mom wasn’t asleep also!  Mom and dad had a few quiet minutes to spend with Emelyn while her older brother was taking a nap.  You can see that they are crazy about their new little one.  She is darling and tiny and very, very sweet.

Newborn Yawning

Newborn Girl Swaddled

Newborn Girl Closeup

Newborn Girl

Newborn Being Held By Mom

Newborn With Mom

Newborn And Mom

Newborn In Blanket

Newborn Sleeping

Newborn Asleep

Newborn Hands

Newborn Foot

Newborn Hand

Newborn WIth Hat On

Newborn Sleeping With Hat On

Newborn Face

Newborn Sleeping Portrait

Newborn Asleep On Stomach

Newborn Close-up Of Ear

Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet Holding Wedding Rings

Newborn With Parents

Newborn Held By Parents

Newborn And Her Parnets

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  1. Beautiful pictures of my nephew & niece with their newborn baby girl. I especially love the one with their wedding rings on her tiny little toes.

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