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Homecoming Session at the Grand Valley Armory-Video!

Homecoming Session at the Grand Valley Armory-Video!

I had the wonderful privilege of being a part of this soldier’s homecoming on 9-16-12. 1st Lieutenant Brian Snedden came home to his wife, Eva, and recently adopted daughter. This little cutie was wearing a shirt saying, “I am here to see my daddy for the very first time”.  Eva had picked up the baby from the airport in Chicago 3 months ago while Lt. Snedden was in still in Afghanistan.   This homecoming wasn’t just a reunion between Eva and her husband, it was also an introduction of a daddy to his new daughter.  You can literally feel the excitement for them and they are no doubt all getting to know each other this week.  I so appreciate the dedication and service of both Brian and Eva. Welcome Home!


Leave them a comment letting them know how much you appreciate their service!!

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  1. I wanted to thank you Kelly for the amazing photographs and awsome video you took of your home comming. Thank You again!!!

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