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Goodnight Moon

We are exited to offer this new product to parents and grandparents of younger children. It is a book where specialized photography of your child or grandchild meets a unique bedtime story written especially for that child.
We will spend 1-2 hours photographing all of the little moments, special interactions and favorite things of your child as you prepare them for going to bed. We will get to know what is unique about your child. This will be used to adapt a bedtime story specifically to your child. This story, in addition to the custom photography, will be used to print a beautiful, individualized book that can be read as the child’s own personal bedtime story.
Do you know of any children that don’t want to go to bed? They will be fascinated by this story about themselves. The story will bring them from playing all day to snuggling down in bed with all of their favorite things.
The Goodnight Moon session includes your custom Goodnight Moon book ( a 10 x 8 hardcover book with up to 40 full color high resolution pages of your child’s photography and story), mini family photography session and a $75.00 print credit.

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