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Fitness Pictures With Erika and Alyssa

Fitness Pictures With Erika and Alyssa

This was not my typical kind of photography session…Erika talked to me about taking some “fitness” pictures a while back when I first did a photography session of both Erika and her husband, Jake (you can see their session here).  Erika and her friend Alyssa enjoy working out and like to lift weights.  A lot.  They wanted to get some pictures doing something they are passionate about.

It was really cold out when we took these pictures so we decided to take them inside in more of a studio setting.  We experimented with a variety of different lights and ideas.  Lots of weights, lots of music and a few hundred pictures later you can see what these two work hard at.  Check out their video below…


Click Here:  Erika and Alyssa Fitness Video


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