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Family Session in Downtown Grand Rapids

Family Session in Downtown Grand Rapids

As we headed downtown Grand Rapids for a family session with the Whittens, clouds were rolling in and it was starting to look darker outside.  Thankfully Mom, Dad and the kids showed up ready to roll.  With the weather quickly going downhill I was also in efficiency mode.  We accomplished a lot of family pictures in a short amount of time.  Aside from bribing the kids with food immediately after the session, mom and dad must have used other means.  These kids were focused and crazy cooperative.

This family definitely has a more urban style making downtown Grand Rapids a perfect location for their family session.  We took a little tour around some of the streets and took pictures along the way.  It was a lot of fun and we made it to the end before the rain set in.  Although the sunset we were hoping for down by the river didn’t happen, there was still time to get some candid pictures of the family hanging out together before it got dark.


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