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Family Portraits In The Field-Grand Rapids, MI

Family Portraits In The Field-Grand Rapids, MI

When our friends, Troy and Anne, from Lansing asked if they could drive to Grand Rapids and get their family portraits taken I was super excited.  They are game for anything!  And we would all get to visit and let our kids play together.  But, really, they are willing to let me try anything during their photography sessions.   Just check their prior family session called a “Different Kind of Newborn Session” where we let their newborn baby arrive in a basket from the skies.  Not really, but that is what it kind of looks like.

Anne is also a photographer.  Together we came up with some really creative ideas for their session.  We planned out a couple of clothes changes and came up with some shots that would work for family Christmas cards.  It was all looking really, really nice for weather.  Awesome!

They all arrived early and we all hugged and caught up.  Three year old Sam climbed out of the car and announced that her eyes felt tired; she hadn’t taken her expected nap.  I only felt a twinge of worry.  She would have fun running through the fields.  I made a mental note to get the family group shots in quick as soon as we arrived at the field.

After she licked her dads face and intentionally slobbered all over his head while riding on his shoulders, I picked up the pace a little more.  Sam ran a little through the paths and then sadly announced that her body was just moving too slow.  What!?!  Isn’t that phraseology just a little advanced for a three year old.  Forget the creative ideas we planned; it was time for getting what we needed.

Baby Kate was a charm.  She smiled nonstop.  Until she fell asleep on dad’s shoulder.  So much for the Christmas Card shot.  Oh, well.

It worked out fine.  We managed to get some pictures in and they all look delighted.  The grace of photography.






















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