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Family Portraits At Home

Family Portraits At Home

The Snedden family  has had many changes over the past year.  That word, “changes” usually makes me think of things that are out of my control or that are not so desirable.  The changes in the Snedden’s home, however, have been all good changes.  More like blessings.

I first met mom when she welcomed home her husband after a one year deployment to Afghanistan.  That was the first time that dad had the chance to meet his new daughter.  Talk about an emotional homecoming (jump over and see their video here!).  So, not only did mom get her husband back this past year, but this couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

On February 24, 2012, exactly one year ago, mom and dad were named official parents of their little girl.  To celebrate the one year anniversary of this special date the family wanted a portrait of their new family.  We all agreed that taking these portraits in their home where they were most comfortable would be great for the little one.  They were hoping for candid pictures that showed natural interaction and play….pictures that show their real family spending time together and enjoying each other.  They just needed to hang out and do what they do every day when they are together.

Mom picked out a little yellow dress and some small stuffed animals to celebrate her little girl’s heritage.

Getting to be a part of occasions like this and meeting wonderful families like this are two of the greatest things about being a photographer.  This family has a unique history and it makes them who they are as a family.  After spending a while with these guys, I would never have known that they were all brought back together about 6 months ago.  They looked like they had been together forever.

Small Girl Looking Down

Small Girl Smiling

Small Girl Looking Away

Family Laughing Together

Closeup of Young Girl


Family Playing Together

Parents Reading To Daughter

Small Girl Looking Out The Window

Small Girl Holding Food Away From Her Dog

Mom Dancing With Small Daughter

Family All Together

Family Petting Their Dog

Family and Their Pet Dog

Parents Smiling At Small Daughter

Parents Laying With Small Daughter

Small Girl Smiling

Young Daughter Having Tea Party With Her Daddy

We All Look The Same

Family Celebrating The Adoption Of Their Daughter

Father Looking At Young Daughter

Mom Snuggling Daughter

Family Snuggled Together

Family Portrait


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  1. Eva and I love this the story, the pictures, the experiance it all was very special and we can not thank you enough for your amazing talent in taking these photos for us! Again, Thank You!

    • Brian, Eva and Rehma, these pictures are absolutely adorable and so precious to me (mom and grandma) as only the Lord could have made this dream possible for you both. I know in my heard that you both will be exceptional parents to Rehma, your daughter and my granddaughter.

      I love you all so very much.
      Thank you Lord for sending your “angel” to Brian and Eva.


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