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Fall Family Portraits

Fall Family Portraits

Although I am a little late in getting this posted I wanted to share this family portrait session from late this fall at a popular field near my house.  This family is the Sayers family and they have three little girls.  We wanted to squeeze this session in before the last of the leaves fell off of the trees.  Although the air was rather chilly we were quite happy that the rain that had been falling for the previous several days seemed to have taken a break just for us.  That is all I was asking for that day-just let the rain hold off for about two hours.  It did!  Remember-three girls!  Three girls that are all dressed up cute!  We didn’t really want it raining.

Rather than having a themed session, the family wanted to hang out and enjoy the scenery and just plain spend time together.  This field in Jenison is one of my favorite locations for this kind of session.  It is surrounded by natural fields and trees and there is plenty of terrain to run free.  The other great thing is that  fields usually have some sort of wildflowers that are always changing with the seasons.  You get a different beautiful backdrop each time you return.

So, back to the session.  I spent time with this couple and their three beautiful girls while they laughed and played and marched through the field.  It is always so fascinating to see how little ones who all belong to the same family can be so uniquely individual.  These three little girls are no exception.  It was fun to see each of their different personalities emerge and to wonder how they can possibly be all so different from one another.  But, then again, that is what makes a family so awesome.  I love how everyones personalities here combine to create a unique family with an individual fingerprint that no other family will ever have.

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