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Brand Your Family

Brand Your Family

Hundreds of years ago cattle owners used hot irons to brand their livestock in order to distinguish one owners cattle from another. They used a mark specific only to the owner. Today, companies use branding in the same way to make their products or services appear distinct from others. When you look on a audio speaker and see Bose you will likely be confident in the quality of sound that it will produce. That is good branding! Apple? I get excited just seeing the logo.

In the same way, a family can be branded. Although a family is made up of unique individuals, a family as a whole represents something distinct. Your family has a special atmosphere and varying interests, relationships, and day to day priorities. These blend to form what others come to expect when they see your family. In a way, you have branded your family. Try this: Think of a few families you know. A few descriptive words should come to mind pretty quick.

What a great family tradition to build and develop a family “brand” that others will instantly recognize when they see your family. What are the words you want others to think of when your family comes to mind. Build something significant! Your children will know what they stand for and will know that they are a part of something important.

One of the many facets of building your family’s brand is family photography. Many families make it a tradition to have pictures taken once a year to document their family growing up. This would be an excellent time to re-evaluate how your family brand has changed and “reposition yourselves in the market”. Find out what brings you together as a whole and use that to design your next family photo session. Great bonding moments will be made for sure!

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