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This is the page if you are looking for my personal information. Kind of like a singles ad entry…. I am Kellie. My husband and I live in Jenison, MI. We have 3 little boys. Ok. So, seriously, I am crazy about these 4 guys. I have about 8,000 photographs of them to prove it.

I never really used to like taking pictures. They never looked that great and with the point-and-shoots we used back in “my day”, everyone was always so tiny in the pictures. If you could see the person, they probably didn’t look that great anyway due to the red eyes looking back at you. Then, 13 years ago, when I was in college I saw an episode on Oprah about how to take better pictures of your kids. Not quite sure why, but I was immediately intrigued. I didn’t even have any kids.  It seemed possible that I could learn to take pictures that were awesome.   I worked extra hours, bought a quality camera and lens and have been obsessed with photography since. When I had my first son 6 years ago, my interest shifted to families, babies and children.

Although I love getting great natural portraits of individuals I really, really love getting relationships on “film”. I will be looking for the way two people interact or looking for the unique vibe that a family has when they are together. I want to put that current between loved ones onto an image. This is what gets me excited about photography.

As photographers we are told we need to find our individual style of photography and be consistent. While I have a certain way of taking pictures (which is candid with a little guidance from me along the way) and there are certain things that I want to be a part of every session, your session should reflect your style and interests. So… I decided that my style is to not have only one style. I will specialize in finding out what your style is and working with you to make sure your session represents you. See the  Plan Your Session Page to see how your photo session will go if you choose to hire me as your photographer.

Where did the name, Lane²Photography, come from anyway?  I am asked that a lot.  Believe it or not, a variation of my name was already taken.  Since I am always into a good story, I wanted my photography business name to have a story…and it does.  It even dates back a couple hundred years.  It dates back to when Sir Robert Lain Booth stepped off of a ship sailing from England and started his family here in America.  The middle name of Lain has been passed down many generations to my grandfather, and then uncle, and brother and now to my son, Nolan Lain Laskowski.  This name represents my entire family.  I changed the spelling to accommodate the initials of my three sons, Aiden, Nolan and Evan.

So why is Lane, squared, or to the second power?  Because I am not the only one behind Lane² Photography of course!  My husband has been half of this photography business from the start.  He does not know how to take a picture to save his life.  But, I couldn’t take pictures to save my life if it weren’t for his part.  Now you know the rest of the story!

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