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A Family Portrait Session At A Beautiful Location

A Family Portrait Session At A Beautiful Location

I love trying a new location for portrait sessions. It is even more fun when the family that I am going to meet has suggested the location because it is a favorite place of theirs to visit together and spend time. How great to have the location have meaning to the family that will be hanging these pictures in their home. It is even more fun when I arrive there, not knowing what to expect, and see a beautiful backdrop of grass, dunes, forest trees, sand, a river and a somewhat nearby beach. I wonder to myself how I ever would have come across this place had this family not shared with me one of their favorite spots. What is lovely about areas such as this is the absence of telephone wires, signs, buildings and any other of these similar nuisances that make an otherwise natural environment look not so natural.

The Yoeman family lives about a half hour drive from my home. They come here to fish. I am pretty sure every member of the family fishes. If theĀ littlest one doesn’t yet, it probably won’t be too long until he catches on. This family session was also a 9 month milestone session for the little guy and a mini, really early (2 1/2 years) senior type session for the “older” guy.

The family session was really important to this mom. After some unusual circumstances this couple’s nephew came to live with them. It was important to her to have a picture of their new family all together. She wanted their nephew to know how important it was to have him feel a part of their family and to show him that he was now one of their family. What greater reason to get a family portrait done than to show everyone what your family is and what they are all about.


Small Boy Sitting In Red Wagon In Grass


Young Boy Sitting In Radio Flyer Wagon

Small Boy Looking Away

Mother Holding Small Boy In Blanket

Mom Holding Her Son

Small Boy Sitting In Vintage Milk Crate

Small Boy Sitting In Crate in Grass

Older Boy Holding Small Boy On His Lap

Family Laughing Together

Couple Embracing In a Field

Teenage Boy Standing Against Metal Pole

Teenage Boy Standing Under Bridge

Teenage Boy Standing Under Bridge

Teenage Boy Sitting On Rock By The River


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